OzAsia programme advert design process

advert design ozasia main adelaide

Visual communications solutions often demand techniques outside the skill set of the graphic designer: this is one of those occasions. Our research showed that most of the existing iconography relating to the OzAsia Festival has an Eastern Asian feel, so we wanted to find something different. With the influx of so many Middle-Eastern immigrants over the last 10 or so years designer Phil Ward and our Creative Director Frank Stillitano decided to commission a local artist, originally from Pakistan, to create an authentic Henna artwork. We gave Humna Mustafa an outline of the City of Adelaide emblem and asked her to decorate it however she liked, as long as she used her authentic Henna technique.

Ozasia advertising design adelaide pattern detail

The above image shows some of the detail in Humna’s original ink drawings.

We then took Humna’s work, scanned it.

Ozasia advertising design adelaide background texture

The background image we created was inspired by Middle-Eastern building materials.

Ozasia advertising design adelaide combination

A combination of the intricate Henna pattern paying homage to the City Council emblem on the bright plaster background produced a highly visual result.

The final step was to add the Council’s corporate message, logo and website address.