‘Share the surprises’ animation

‘Share the surprises’ animation

Adelaide City Council


The problem

The Adelaide City Council shows video clips (without audio) on the giant screen outside City Cross Arcade in Rundle Mall. We were presented with the challenge to promote the City as a vibrant place to shop and dine on this medium. Our objectives were to get people to return to the City and visit the council’s cultural website www.cityofadelaide.com.au

The approach

We decided get into the shoes of the audience by touring the City with our camera, photographing the journey in some detail. We wanted to explore the City’s streets, discover and ‘share it’s secrets’. During this journey we learnt that the people bring warmth and life to the city. We thought about what a City would be without the people and attempted to visualise this.

The solution

We depicted the City without people by converting all our photos to greyscale images. We then animated the journey of the audience through the cold, grey streets by adding moving colour, speech bubbles and what we called ‘visual noise’. This worked well with this medium as there was no real noise (or audio) available on the big screen.

The result

This video clip’s effectiveness was affirmed when Qantas began using it on incoming flights to Adelaide after a staff member discovered it on YouTube.